All right, I'm putting my mark in the sand, taking a stand, and declaring my opinion. Namely that the English language needs a word that applies to both women and men without any gender bias. I've heard it said that "guys" is now gender neutral but I'm not buying it. So here's what I propose:


Here's why. "Guy" starts with a g and uses the last of the 5 usual vowels. "Gal" starts with a g and uses the first vowel on the list. So to start off, let's take the average, which would be "i". So we've got gi. Fair is fair so we'll use the "y" from guy and the "l" from gal. Giving us "gily".  Pronounced with a hard "g" sound, just like in guy or gal. 

"He's quite a gily, isn't he?" "She's my kind of gily" "The best laid plans 'o mice and gilys gang aft agley."

Yep, totally works. Gily, gily, gily.

So just be sure to use it and give credit where credit is due for the new and improved, gender neutral way to encompass both men and women with the same mellifluous word. 

Thanks, gilys.