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Hi guys. Some more info vis a vis Patreon. Patreon is a nice utility that lets you, my loyal reader, show your support for Nickyitis by pledging X dollars a month. You can cancel when you want and can donate what you want. The theory behind it is that you actually DO value Nickyitis enough to support it. One of the thoughts regarding the web is that nobody wants to pay for anything anymore, they all want it for free.

Patreon is an opportunity to show that this isn't the case. The reality is pretty simply, actually. Your humble servant (that's me) has only so much time in the day and there are proven avenues to change cartoons into revenue. That's an awesome combination. Do what I love to do (cartoon) and be paid for it.

Nickyitis, however, doesn't fall into that category. It's a comic strip and I can't offer them up for sale to various publications as I can with my gag cartoons on Chuckleaduck. Hence … Patreon. If I can garner a sufficient level of support on Patreon then I can justify continuing to direct mental and physical energy toward Nickyitis.

So, if you love Nickyitis and want to help ensure it continues, please consider visiting and becoming a patron!

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