Hi ho, everyone. Crowden here. The mad cartoonist responsible for Nickyitis and also Chuckle A Duck and Age of  Bacon. 


CHUCKLE A DUCK examines atheism, religion, politics, and general silliness from its own unique perspective. Its audience includes atheists, evangelicals, the spiritual, the cynical, young, old, liberals, conservatives and the occasional space alien. Monday through Friday, with the occasional Saturday and/or Sunday posting as well.


But that's not all! If you want a classic strip, then NICKYITIS is waiting, Monday through Friday. The continuing adventures of Nicky Nickel and company.


Is that all? Nope. I also offer the N.S.F.W toon entitled AGEOFBACON. DOT COM. To be REALLY sure nobody goes there accidentally, you'll have to type the url into your browser manually. Because this is for work not safe. Nor for little tykes. So if you're not a fully operational, consenting grown-up, don't be going there. Updates on Sundays.

Thoughful comments and discussion always welcome on all sites. Name calling and general boorish behavior, not so much.