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Nickyitis – An epidemic of humorous proportions!

Hey there, thanks for dropping by! I'm guessing you want some more information on what Nickyitis is all about, eh? Well, first off, it's conceived and created by Crowden Alexander Satz, but you can call me Crow.

Nickyitis chronicles the continuing adventures of Nicky Nickel, the star of the strip, as well as an extensive surrounding cast. Nicky's possessed of a very active imagination, a LOT of energy and defines free spirit. It's tough to keep a good Nicky down. As long as he has a Binkycake to power him, he's good for the day.



Nicky's brother Lex is his polar opposite – logical, serious and focused. He's a Type A achiever and has trouble believing that he and Nicky actually share common DNA. Makes for interesting interactions. But they ARE brothers and have been known to cooperate. On occasion.


And then there's ELF. ELF came to Earth through an unfortunate accident and quickly acclimated. He spends much of his time trying to demonstrate what a superior alien intellect can do. To little avail.


Connie and Ken are the nominal adults in charge. As much as any two people can be when faced the such a crew.




Hope to keep seeing you around,


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